FAQ raises purebred black & red Angus cattle, stands an AQHA stallion, boards horses, sells Angus beef, and I provide consulting services regarding  breeding programs, range development, and corral construction.  vicfaq@xplornet.ca
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Lot No. 7 KUP 16Z and Ron at 2013 Bull Congress with KUP 16Z & KUP 6211Z were on Display
Sell-ect Breeders Group Sale Catalogue April 13,2012

Lot 2 KUP 4Z, over Lot 10, and link to Sire of Lot 2, New Frontier      Click to download the results
Left: SELL-ECT SALE 2013,Lot No 2, KUP 4Z, over Lot No 5, KUP 10Z
Right: Lot No 1 KUP 2Z over Lot 8, KUP 18Z
Right: Lot No 2 SELL-ECT Sale 2013 Click on photo.         

Lot No. 6, KUP 6ZKUP


KUP 18Z x KUP 6W          

KUP 415Z x New Frontier           KUP 6211Z x C C & 7
        KUP 6211Z x C C & 7     
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Welcome:  The sign at the the entrance to my ranch.       Photo No. 1 - Four photos in one. Four season in one.       Photo  from end of driveway - Twp Rd 515A, from my sign to Rge Rd 205.
When you visit the picturesque 130-acre “FAQ” ranch, in the beautiful; "Land Amongst The Lakes region of Central Alberta", located thirty minutes east of Edmonton, you will see black & red purebred Angus cattle grazing the lush pastures.

This is a reputation leading edge curve bending seed stock ranch.
The purebred cattle have recognizable tabulations, eye appealing appearances, docile temperments, excellent maternal and dollar values, the calves at side are from powerful AI and/or home raised sires, and bred back to selected curve benders that will add value to the powerful females they already are.
They have proven track records; they perform on the farm, for my clientele, and excel when put on test.

Angus cattle have sold into five countries, the US, and the four western Canadian provinces.

For four years I put calves on test at:
“Lakeland College All Breed Bull Test”, at Vermilion Alberta.
I served as the Angus advisory board member for three years.
More recently I feed and test my and other breeders bulls and heifers at home.

I stand an AQHA stallion, board horses, sell processed beef, & provide livestock consulting services.

I plan on feeding
14 Angus bull calves, and 8 heifer calves this winter
They will be entered in the April, 2013 SELL-ECT SALE.
The test period will be 140 days with a two week warm up period from late October to March.
They can be viewed at my farm during that time
The bulls will be fed to gain 3.25 lbs a day and the heifers fed to gain 2.00 lbs a day.
They will be on a pellet 12-13% ration c/w rumensin, essential vitamins & minerals, and free choice hay.
They will be given a shot of LA Liqumycn when entered on test and have all their vaccines prior to beginning the test.
They are weighed every 28 days and the ration adjusted accordingly to maintain the desired average optimum gain.
They will not be pushed for maximum gain rather fed to:
grow, develope, be fertile, breed, and will not melt when turned out.
Double final weights will be taken at the start and at the completion of the test.
They will be semen tested prior to the sale.

The heifers will be big and ready to be serviced at the completion of the test.

A summary of the monthly test results, along with pedigree, EPD data, and photos can be obtained upon request.


Top Seller bull & his mother 2012 sale

FAQ Objective 405S 4U - Born: Jan. 27, 2008 - BW: 103 lbs Adj. WW: 1009 lbs, Dec 30/08: 1425 lbs, he is from a first calf heifer, and the heaviest bull of all breeds on test..      Red FAQ Avalanche 29P 6U - Born Feb. 1, 2008 - BW: 98 lbs, WW 885 lbs, Dec 30/08: 1300 lbs. He is a full brother to the top selling bull last year. Bottom: His dam KUP 29P.

FAQ New Standard 211S 10U - Born March 2, 2008 -  Birth weight 84 lbs, WW: 980 lbs, Dec 30/08: 1220 lbs      Click for - SALE Catalogue

Click to download the results     

Sept 19, 2008: FAQ Bull calves the day before they were delivered to Lakeland Test.

The above photos are a sample of bulls I had on test in previous years.

During the 3 years that I had bulls & heifers at:
Lakeland College All Breed Bull & Heifer Test”
“FAQ” bred dams raised the:
Top selling bulls each year, and the top performing, and highest selling both years that heifer were on test.
"FAQ" cattle are bred from recognizeable proven genetics known for moderate to low birth weights, curve bending performance, maternal power, structural correctness, and eye appeal.


A pen of 3 FAQ display stall 2013

Pen of 3 heifers displayed at the Canadian Bull Congress 2008.
They are superior producers and they and their daughters are front pasture cattle.

Yearling bulls, 2 year old bulls, heifers, bred cows, and AQHA fillies for sale at the farm.

Top Selling Bull
Lakeland College All Breed Bull Test Sale - March 29 - 2008

Red FAQ Avalanche 29P 8T - 1505 lbs
Purchased by: Creech Cattle Company Ltd.

He was the top selling bull of all breeds.
Born Jan 20, 2007, BW: 96 lbs Adj. WW: 819, Sale day weight: 1505 lbs
Sired by Avalanche, from the power packed never miss Romeo dam.
He is one of the most correct bulls you will find anywhere. He has eye
appeal, performance, and high, maternal and carcass values.
EPD’s: BW: +4.4, WW: +40, YW: +76, MLK: +15, TM: +35

“FAQ” bred dams raised the top selling bulls, of all breeds, three years in a row;
their sisters topped the sale each year they were on test.
Each bull and heifer was from a different sire.
The maternal power provides "FAQ" the leading edge advantage.

      FAQ EORESIGHT 17G 6T  sold to repeat buyers, Derrick & Huston Reneau

FAQ In Focus 21P 4T, sold to: Ralph Nault, repeat buyer
Born Jan 11, 2007, BW: 85, Adj. WW: 818, Sale day weight: 1555 lbs,
Sired by: In Focus from a Rito bred female, he is an awesome calving ease CURVE BENDER HERD SIRE bull prospect.
EPD’s: BW: +2.1, WW: +48, YW: +87, MLK: +25, TM: +49, YG: + 39

FAQ Foresight 17G 6T, sold to Derrick & Huston Reneau, repeat buyers
Born Jan 19, 2007, BW: 86 lbs Adj. WW: 709, Sale day weight: 1435 lbs
His Erica dam is a 10-year-old proven producer, the dam of the 2006 high
selling bull, and the grand dam of last year’s top selling $10,500 dollar bull at this
very sale. He is sired by one of the most used embryo transplant sires
EPD’s: BW: +2.7, WW: +39, YW: +72, MLK: +16, TM: +36, YG: + 33


BULLS ON TEST 2006 - 2007

"FAQ" bulls & heifers excel at Lakeland College Test in 2006 - 07
FAQ Cheyenne 41K 10S highest indexing Red Angus Bull on Test "124"
86 lbs birth weight
Lifetime index of "119"
2nd heaviest bull of All breed on test 1490 lbs
2nd highest feed indexing bull of all breeds "124"

FAQ Erica 11N 221S, BW: 86 lbs
Top feed indexing heifer "128", lifetime index "124" - 1158 lbs,
FAQ Erica 5L 405S,
Second place feed index "127", lifetime index "127", weight: 1320 lbs
FAQ's five heifers had an average feed index of 118, an average lifetime index of 117, and an average weight is 1142 lbs.

FAQ Power Design 9J 12S, maternal brother to FAQ Legend 9J 16P  Maternal brother to FAQ LEGEND 9J 16P      Red FAQ Cheyenne 41K 10S - Index121 Lakeland College Test, The heaviest bull of all breeds on sale day.


"FAQ" bulls & heifers top the test and are top sellers at "Lakeland College Bull & Heifer All Breed Test".
FAQ Krugerrand 15F 24R highest indexing bull of all breeds on Test
BW 100 lbs Lifetime index, “128”, feed index, “128”, combined index “128”
FAQ New Frontier 17G 12R, top-selling bull of all breeds
FAQ Krugerrand 17K 20R 3rd top selling bull of all breeds
FAQ Krugerrand 220D 14R top feed indexing Angus Bull

FAQ 13L 13R was the top selling heifer of all breeds

FAQ RUGERRAND 15F 24R, top indexing bull of all breeds Lakeland College Bull Test 2005 / 06


The “FAQ Erica Cow Family” makes the difference.
FAQ Erica 15F ~ CAA Elite Angus Dam, 3 at 109
Her KUP 24R top indexing bull of all breeds on test 2005 – 06.
FAQ Erica 15F 15L CAA Elite Angus Dam, 3 at 108
FAQ Erica 15L 11N's 1st calf, in 2006 – 07, and her 2nd, in 2007 – 08, topped the Lakeland all breed heifer tests.
KUP 211S had a feed index of 132 and a lifetime index of 127 against all the breeds of heifers at Lakeland's test.
KUP 11R's, heifer's first calf, KUP 2T sired by In Focus, is on test, he had a
BW: of 85 lbs WW: 858 lbs, YW: 1453 lbs, Jan 28/08: 1435 lbs.
He is the heaviest bull of all breeds on test.
Keep an eye on him.
He has curve bending birth to weaning and yearling EPD's, c/w a powerful maternal background.
Herd Bull Prospect can be used on heifers or cows alike.

Elite Angus Dam - FAQ Erica 15F, with her Lot 2 bull calf FAQ Krugerrand 15F 24R.      CAA Elite Angus Dam - 3 at 108 - FAQ Erica 15F 15L and FAQ Rito 15L 28S     

FAQ Erica 15L 11N with FAQ Erica 11N 11R, as a calf, as a 2 yr old right at right.      EPD +4.5 +54 +96 +11 +38 +42

Old photos of my son Phillip with Tivio Bartender, over my three boys and a link to my baby calves.

My son Phillip with my first AQHA stallion "Tivio Bartender", purchased as a foal in 1964.
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Thanks to everyone that have bought cattle, horses, and processed beef from “FAQ”.

Twp. Rd. 515A, Sherwood Park, AB. T8G 1G3 Canada
Ph. /Fax: (780) 922-2566 Cell: 780-719-5855
E-mail to: vicfaq@xplornet.ca

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They have eye appeal, docile temperaments, proven recognizable pedigrees,
curve bending performance, and leading edge maternal values...
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