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We raise purebred black & red Angus seed stock, stand an AQHA stallion, board horses, sell Angus beef, and  consult on cattle, grazing, and range development  concerns.
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"FAQ Angus Marbled Beef"...
Superior - Tender - Delicious

Young healthy animals that do not meet my specifications for leading edge seed stock are finished on a balanced pellet ration and free choice hay.
Occasionally an older animal is slaughtered and processed into ground beef, sausage, and beef jerky.
They are slaughtered in prime condition, with adequate fat covering, and marbling within the red meat tissues to provide a pleasurable dining experience for my beef buying clientele

My cattle are treated shortly after birth, and followed up with regular booster shots, with the recommended vaccines.
They are raised in a safe, disease free, clean, no stress environment.
They are not implanted with growth implants to enhance their rate of gain. Growth, easy fleshing, marbling, and tenderness is bred into them.
Upon delivery at the local processing plant, a government licensed meat inspector is present to inspect the animal throughout the slaughtering process. The warm dressed weight is recorded on the rail, and then moved to the cooler where it hangs for a minimum of two weeks.

A carcass of beef loses up to 25% of its warm dressed weight during hanging, curing, and cutting, thus the meat a client takes home may be up to 25% less than the warm dressed weight. If the carcass is debonned it is much less.
I charge $2.50 a pound for the warm dressed weight, and I pay for slaughtering, cutting, wrapping, and the other plant costs including the GST for services. The beef that you take home costs you approximately $3.40 per pound.
If a client wants a side de-boned, sausages, hamburger patties, pork added, or other unique cuts, there is an extra cost.
The packaged frozen beef, cut to a client’s specifications, may be picked up at the plant, or at my ranch, on a pre determined time and date. Delivery is extra.
Payment for the beef and the processing is payable to:

You can order as follows:

· Complete dressed carcass of beef $2.50 / lb
· One side of beef $2.50 / lb
· One half of a side of beef $2.60 / lb
· I suggest if some one wants a smaller portion for them to find a friend to share one half of a side with. Those items marked with an asterisk * are the actual weights, rather than the warm dressed weight.
· * BBQ packages, 25 - 50 lbs $4.49 / lb
Consisting of steaks, roasts, hamburger, and ribs
· * Ground beef bulk 50 lbs plus $3.00 / lb
· * Hamburger, beef 75% - pork 25% $3.10 / lb
· * Breakfast sausages, beef 75% - pork 25% $3.10 / lb
· * Beef jerky, vacuum packaged, 200 gram $5.00 / 200 grams
. * Ground beef 6 – 8 oz patties, unseasoned vacuum packaged $16.25 / 5 lb package
. * Ground beef 6 – 8 oz patties, seasoned vacuum packaged $18.00 / 5 lb package

Boxes $2.00 / box
Prices subject to change

Beef Cutting Instructions

Cutting Instructions for: _________________
Date _______________
Name on order__________________________________________________________

Beef “ID” _________ Weight per side “A” _________ “B”_______ Date _____________

_"X"_ Preferences
______ Package suitable for one person
______ Package suitable for two people
______ Package suitable for three people
______ Package suitable for four people
Organ meats other
_____ Tongue Yes ___ No __
_____ Oxtail Yes ___ No __
_____ Liver Yes ___ No __
_____ Heart Yes ___ No __
_____ Kidneys Yes ___ No __
_____ Soup bones Yes ___ No __
_____ Dog bones Yes ___ No __

_____ De-bone, and cut as much steak as possible into steaks
_____ Inch thick
_____ Cut eye of round into steaks

_____ Normal cut (one half steak / one half roasts)
_____ Heavy to Steaks
_____ Heavy to Roasts
_____ Heavy to Hamburger (or normal)
_____ Heavy to Stew meat (or normal)
_____ Short Ribs Yes ___ No __
_____ Finger Ribs Yes ___ No __

_____ Strip loin or Sirloin steak
_____ Rib eye or Rib steak
_____T Bone
_____ Chuck
_____ Eye of the round into steaks
_____ Cut the top 1/3 into round steaks and
_____ Cut the bottom 2/3 into minute steaks

_____ Lbs per package (all roasts ___? ___ lbs)
_____ Lbs per package (one only ___? ___ lbs)
_____ Stew meat per package ___? ___ lbs)
_____ Hamburger (beef only) __? __ lbs per package

_____ Hamburger (mix with 25 % pork) ____ lb per package
_____ Short ribs ___?__ lbs per package

_____ If you want soup bones there will be a little meat left on the bones
_____ If you want dog bones there is no meat left on the bones

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