Purebred Black & Red Angus Bulls Selling at:
Lakeland College Bull Test 2007 - 08, Vermilion AB.- 12:00 Noon - March 29, 2008
Cattle will be auctioned on site.

I have a superior set of bulls & heifers to choose from.

FAQ IN FOCUS 11R 2T, Born Jan 9/07, BW 85 lbs
FAQ IN FOCUS 11R 2T      Dam of: FAQ IN FOCUS 11R 2T,
A curve bending "Calving Ease Bull Prospect.”
Eye appealing correctness, gentle, thick, deep, low birth weight, powerful total maternal values, sired by "In Focus", the industries hottest sire, from the flawless FAQ Erica 11N 11R, a TC Foreman daughter's first calf.
She has done a terrific job on her thick butted, deep bodied, square topped, power packed baby.
As of Jan 28, and throughout the test period, he is the heaviest bull of all breeds at:
Lakeland College’s “All Breed Bull Test”

BW: 85, Adj. WW: 858 lbs, Adj. YW: 1453 lbs
EPD's: BW: +2.5, WW: +58, YW: +103, Mlk: +23, TM: +52, YG: +44
Sire of: FAQ IN FOCUS 11R 2TSire of dam: TC FOREMAN 016

FAQ IN FOCUS 21P 4T, Born Jan 11, 2007, BW 85 lbs
FAQ In Focus 21P 4T, Sept 21, 2007      FAQ IN FOCUS 21P 4T     
A highly maternal calving ease, curve bending, Herd Bull Prospect by In Focus the hottest bull in the industry. His maternal brother I used in my breeding program last year. The calves are small at birth, thrifty, and are off to a great start.

BW: 85 lbs, Adj. WW: 818 lbs, Ajd. YW: 1360 lbs
EPD's: BW: +2.1, WW: +48, YW: +87, Mlk: +25 TM: +49

FAQ FORESIGHT 17G 6T, Born Jan 19, 2007, BW 86 lbs
Elite dam:  FAQ Erica 17G 5L - A maternal sister to FAQ FORSIGHT 17G 6T.      Dam of: FAQ FORESIGHT 17G 6T
A maternal brother to the top seller of 2005/06, Lakeland Bull Test Sale, and a maternal sibling to the dam of last
years $10,500.00 top seller.
Foresight is one of todays most used flush sires today exhibiting excellent scan data and is the No 1 Forte son for carcass and growth and among the breeds top bulls for $B values. 6T is eye appealing, an has impressive phenotype.

BW: 86 lbs, Adj. WW: 709 lbs, Adj. YW: 1219 lbs
EPD’s: BW: +2.7, WW: +39, YW: +72, Mlk: +16 TM: +36

RED FAQ AVALANCHE 29P 8T, Born: 20, 2007, BW: 96 lbs

RED FAQ AVALANCHE 29P 8T, EPD +4.4 +44 +82 +18 +40 -1.0 +4.0 I +0.30 I +0.15 I +0.01 +13        RED FAQ TOP GAL 29J 29P, June 30, EPD +5.1 +45 +81 +19 +41 -1.0 +6.0 +0.07 +0.18 +0.01 +13
This easy fleshing, Herd Bull Prospect, from a superb Romeo dam; will add growth, muscle, maternal, and carcass values to his progeny. He is solid, square topped, has excellent thick deep hindquarters, a smooth topline, a deep spread of ribs, and a clean front end. He is extremely eye appealing, has correct feet and legs, and excellent testicular development. I consider him to be the best red bull calf I have raised

BW: 96, Adj. WW: 819, Adj. YW: 1393 lbs
BW: +4.4, WW: +40, YW: +76, Mlk: +15 TM: +35

RED FAQ CHEROKEE 29P 22S, Born: Feb 4, 2006, BW: 90 lbs
Maternal brother to: RED FAQ AVALANCHE 29P 8T
A maternal brother to 8T ~ RED FAQ CHEROKEE 22P 22S
This is Red FAQ Top Gal 29J 29P’s first calf.
Easy fleshing, eye appeal, correct, a great temperament, and has the Rock Solid phenotype from his sire Canyon. 29P is a daughter from the highest red bull ever sold, he has exceeded his superstar status; his daughters are extremely deep and maternal.
29P is the 4th generation Top Gal female I have raised, and each generation gets better. All have had superior feet, legs, flat udders with small tucked up teats and superb dispositions. She has a great tabulation and great set of EPD’s. Her bull calves belong in purebred herds.
This calf sold to Ian Selte and will be used in his purebred red Angus program.

RED FAQ CHEYENNE 3L 10T ~ Born: Jan 20, 2007, BW: 93 lbs
Calving ease, extra growth, and maternal, a plus in marbling and rib eye, a paternal brother to the very popular KUP 8T from the consistent productive 3L dam. Bull calves have sold to: K5 Simmentals & Red Angus, Alf Fleming, Bowline Ltd., and a heifer to Ian Selte and she has raised 2 calves.

BW: 93 lbs, Adj. WW; 786 lbs, Adj. YW: 1344 lbs
EPD’s: BW: +2.0, WW: +29, YW: +52, Mlk: +12 TM: +27

RED FAQ PRINCE 1G 12T, Born: Mar 8, 2007, BW: 97 lbs
He is a calving ease, docile, eye appealing, correct red bull calf out of my oldest cow. He is deep, thick, with a powerful full butt end, and a straight square topline. His dam has raised 7 low birth bull calves and 2 low birth weight heifer calves. Her calves are thrifty at birth; grow well from an abundance of milk, and develop into thick, deep, easy keeping manageable cattle.

BW: 97 lbs, Adj. WW: 829 lbs, Adj. YW: 1296 lbs.
BW: +2.7, WW: +29, YW: +46, Mlk: +6 TM: +20

FAQ Erica 15F

The great great grand dam of the FAQ In Focus 11R 2T bull calf above.
At her side is FAQ Krugerrand 15F 24R.
He was the heaviest bull and highest indexing bull at Lakeland 2005 - 06 Bull Test.

The dam of the FAQ Erica 15F 815T heifer calf in the

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