Purebred Performance Tested Black & Red Angus Bulls
Sell by Public Auction at:
Lakeland College Indoor Arena, Vermilion, AB
All Breed Bull Test Sale
March 29, 2008 - 12:00 Noon.

  I raise purebred black & red Angus seed stock, stand an AQHA stallion, board horses, sell Angus beef, and  consult on cattle, grazing, and range development  concerns.

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Lakeland College - Data of all bulls on test.

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They are linked, to the bull's or heifer's pedigree and EPD's on the Canadian Angus WebPage data base.

I have 3 black and 3 red Purebred Angus bulls on the “All Breed Bull Test” at Lakeland College Vermillion, Alberta.
They are from fertile dams processing; eye appealing conformation and size, good temperaments, feet, and udders. They are from curve bending performance highly maternal sires. I strive to maintain these qualities in the seed stock I offer for sale, and increase the spread from a lower birth weight to extreme weaning and yearling weights.
From the AI gene pool and/or my home raised bulls with recognizable tabulations I select a bull that has meat, muscle, and curve bending carcass data to raise a product that will standout in the front pasture of the most decimating breeder.

The results of my breeding program speaks for itself

FAQ Bulls & Heifers - Lakeland College Test 2006 - 07
FAQ Cheyenne 41K 10S highest indexing Red Angus Bull on Test "121"
86 lbs birth weight
2nd heaviest bull of All breed on test 1490 lbs
2nd highest feed indexing bull of all breeds "124"
The heaviest 1535 lbs indexing at 121 and the top selling bull of the entire test
was from a FAQ Erica dam.

FAQ Erica 11N 221S, BW: 86 lbs
Top feed indexing heifer "128", lifetime index "124" - 1158 lbs,
FAQ Erica 5L 405S,
Second place feed index "127", lifetime index "127", weight: 1320 lbs
FAQ's five heifers on test had an average feed index of 118,
an average lifetime index of 117, and an average weight is 1142 lbs.

FAQ Bulls & Heifers Lakeland College Test 2005 – 06
FAQ Krugerrand 15F 24R highest indexing bull of all breeds on Test
BW 100 lbs Lifetime index, “128”, feed index, “128”.
FAQ New Frontier 17G 12R, top-selling bull of all breeds
FAQ Krugerrand 17K 20R 3rd top selling bull of all breeds
FAQ Krugerrand 2220D 14R top feed indexing Angus Bull

FAQ 13L 13R was the top selling heifer of all breeds

FAQ In Focus 11R 2T     
FAQ bulls on test 2007 - 2008
Lakeland College All Breed Bull Test
FAQ In Focus 11R 2T, Born Jan 9, 2007 BW: 85 lbs
From a first calf heifer that was high index heifer at Lakeland's All breed heifer Test 2005 - 06. He weighed 1100 lbs on Nov 5, 2007
EPD's: BW: 1.5, WW: 54, YW: 97, Mlk: 21, TM: 48, YG: 44
FAQ In Focus 21P 4T, Born Jan 11, 2007 BW: 85 lbs
I used his maternal brother in my breeding program in 2007. A calving ease sire prospect. The heaviest bull calf I weaned this year.
2.1, WW: 47, YW: 85, Mlk: 24 TM: 47, YG: 39,

Dam of:  FAQ EORESIGHT 17G 6T      Dam of: RED FAQ AVALANCHE 29P 8T
FAQ Foresight 17G 6T, born Jan 19, 2007, BW 86 lbs
A powerfull bull from the dam of the 2005 -06 top seller and the grand dam of the 2006 - 07 top seller at the Lakeland Bull Test Sales
BW: 3.6, WW: 43, YW: 78, Mlk: 19, TM: 40 YG: 35
RED FAQ AVALANCHE 29P 8T - Born Jan 20/07
A flawless herd bull prospect. A favorite of all the visitors at my farm. From a daughter of Romeo, the highest Red Angus bull ever sold. He belongs in a purebred herd. I will retain an interest so I can draw semen.

BW: 4.4, WW: 44, YW: 82, 40, Mlk: 18, TM: 40 Stay: 13, REA: +0.31

A growthy high performance low birth weight bull from a bull producing long bodied dam.
BW: 2.1 WW: 33 YW: 57 Mlk: 16 TM: 32 Stay: 10
RED FAQ PRINCE 1G 12T, Born Mar 8/07, BW 97 lbs
The highest gain per day of age in my bull calves this year. KUP 1G continues to produce excellent calves year after year.
BW: 2.4, WW: 24, YW: 36, Mlk: 6 TM: 18 Stay: 9



AI Sires:
Left: Krugerrand 410 - Center: Major League - Right I New Frontier 095
Let FAQ genetics from these great AI Sires head you in the right direction ...

Hyperlink: Krugerrand 410   HYperlink: Major League   Hyperlink: B/R New Frontier 095 
~ For Sale by Private Treaty ~
Pen of 3 Purebred heifers - Sired by: “FAQ Legend 9J 16P”
See them on display at:
Camrose Bull Congress Jan 17 – 19, 2008

Dam of: FAQ BLACKBIRD 23L 323T      Dam of: KUP 1007T

Dam of: FAQ ERICA 15F 015T     

FAQ BLACKBIRD 23L 323T FAQ ERICA 7H 1007T, Born Jan 19/07, BW: 97 lbs FAQ ERICA 15F 815T, Born Feb 7/07, BW: 84 lbs
A docile deep eye appealing daughter of my great 15F brood cow The foundation female of my Erica cow family The Great great great grandmother of the awsome FAQ In Focus 11R 2t bull calf.

BW: 5.2, WW: 40, YW: 70, Mlk: 12,TM: 30

Bulls for sale at the farm.
Four, two two year olds, and two yearlings.
Click on photo to see their pedigree and EPD's.

Selling on farm:
Powerful Performance Yearling Bulls.

KUP15F 24R - Birth wight 100 lbs for growthy heifers and cows.      KUP 6R over his dam Kup 25L

Above, KUP 24R, Krugerrand bull, from KUP 15F was the high indexing bull of all breeds at Lakeland bull and heifer test.
He sold by private treaty at the farm.

Powerful Performance Two Year Old Bulls.

KUP 16P       

Low birth weight easy calving yearling bulls.
Suitable for yealing heifers and cows. Calves from these bulls will perform.

KUP 8R - sired by TC Foreman, from KUP 1J, a Hoff Great Western cow.   Red FAQ Prince 3M 2R - 71 lbs birth weight.   KUP 26R  at the side of his dam - birth weight 71 lbs

FAQ Erica 15L 11R, a two year old first calf heifer with her TC Foreman heifer calf.
Actual BW: 92 Lbs Adj 205 Wt: 733 lbs Adj 365 Wt: 1089.
She shared top spot with Lot 63, another of my Erica heifers of all the Angus heifers on test.
Including other breeds and commercial, there were 96 heifers, and they were 2nd overall.
FAQ Erica 15L 11N with her KUP 11R heifer calf at side.      KUP 19R sired by Major League from a Make My Day dam.

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