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This contract is agreed upon and entered into on this ______________day of, ___________20_______.

Fischer Angus & Quarter Horses, hereinafter referred to as the manger, provides board & care for
horses, for a fee, and in accordance with the conditions as outlined below. The horse's owner is hereinafter referred to as the, client. The client, is aware of these conditions, and agrees to pay the appropriate fees and costs, plus 7% GST.

a. ____ The client has inspected the manager's premises and agrees the premises are satisfactory.
b. ____ The client agrees there shall be no smoking in the buildings or barnyard, other than smoking in designated smoking areas.
c. ____ The client agrees that client's dogs are not allowed on the premises unless otherwise agreed to.
d. ____ The client agrees: that upon entering the premises, using the facilities, or using another persons
horse, is at their own risk, and the client holds the manager harmless, and assumes full responsibility, in the event of any accident or injury to themselves and/or to their guests.
e. ____ The client agrees that the manager will not be held responsible, for, accident, sickness, and/or disease, which may occur to the client's horse.
f. ____ It is advisable that the client carry insurance to cover any such occurrences, and understands that it is the client's sole responsibility to insure their horse at his/her expense, if the client so wishes.
g. ____ This is an ongoing agreement, and the client agrees to board the horse for a minimum of three months, and agrees to give a minimum, of thirty days written notice, if the client wishes to terminate the agreement. A lesser term, depending on the season and length of term will be calculated on a daily rate.
h. ____ It is mutually agreed that should death occur to the horse, this agreement will terminate.
i. ____ The client agrees to board _______ horse, commencing: ________________________________
j. ____ The client will deliver the horse to the Manager's premises on: ____________________________
k. ____ The client wants the manager to pick up the horse: from: ________________________________
l. ____ Trailering costs are $1.50/k/m, one way, with a minimum charge of $30.00.
m. ___ Failing to exercise the booking may result in the forfeiture of the one months board.
n. ____ The client understands that board and costs are due on the first day of each month, and payable prior to the last day of each month. If not paid, a $10 late payment charge will be payable, plus interest will be charged back to the due date, at the rate of 18% per annum. Interest will be charged on all of the outstanding charges and the accumulated interest. Payment shall be made by four postdated checques delivered upon signing the contract. This shall be in lieu of a deposit.
o. ____ The manager agrees to exercise good judgment in the feed & care of the Agent's horse.
p. ____ The manager will provide pasture, and/or hay and oats, as may be required, and provide free choice salt and minerals. The client shall provide other nutritional and medication requirements at the clients expense.
q. ____ The manager will, and the client agrees, and authorizes the manager to:
____ Arrange to have the horses dewormed. First deworming: _________________________
____ Arrange to have the horses feet trimmed every 90 days. First trimming: ______________
____ To obtain emergency vet care as may be required, and charge back to the client.
The first vet to call is: __________________________________________________________

____ The manager will provide or arrange for the services, and and charge 15% above cost where extra services are required, and provide the client with a copy of the receipt upon payment:
r. ____ Feed and care mature mares or geldings @ $125.00 per month. Yearlings @ $ 100.00 - Foals @ $75.00.
____ Tack storage included.
____ Foot trimming, extra.
____ Barn use, extra @ $4.25, per day.
____ Deworning extra.
____ Shots extra.

s. ____ The boarding fee, may be adjusted June 1st of each year, of which notice shall be given on or
prior to May 1st.
t. ____ A new boarding fee has been agreed upon, the new boarding fee is, $_________________________
Date of new boarding fee: _________________________________________________________________
u. ____ Attach list of changes: _____________________________________________________________
v. ____ In the event of non-payment in excess 90 days, of the client's account, unless satisfactory arrangements are in place to settle the account, the client's horse may be sold at auction, without advertising, in order to recover the indebtedness. Surplus funds will be forwarded to the client less the indebtedness and all sale costs. If the sale proceeds are insufficient, the client is responsible to pay the balance.
w. ___ The horse shall not be moved from the manager's premises unless the account is up to date, or the manager agrees the horses may be moved.
x. ___ I have read and agree to all the terms of this agreement, and agree to board my horse at the manager's premises.

My horse's name is: ____________________________________________ Brands: __________________
Age: __________ Sex: __________________ Color: _________________ Weight: __________________
Habits: ________________________________________________________________________________

Client's name: ________________________________________________ Phone No: ________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: __________19_______

Manager's Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: __________ 19_______

BN 11820 3587 RT

BN 11820 3587 RT

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