Im Translator, Online translator, spell checker, virtual keyboard, cyrillic decoder   We raise purebred black & red Angus seed stock, stand an AQHA stallion, board horses, sell Angus beef, and  consult on cattle, grazing, and range development  concerns.   Please contact me for more information if you can not find what your looking for ... thank you.
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My qualifications to provide consulting services is based on my practical experiences during the numerous years I have been involved with cattle, horses, nature/wildlife, the forest and/or rangelands, construction projects, the general public, cowboys/cowgirls, rancher/farmers, veterinarians, natives, tourists, outfitters, fire fighters, engineers, business people, contractors, law enforcement, the oil and gas industry, range and livestock facility development, ranch life, a rural life style, and managing and operating my own small Angus cattle and Quarterhorse ranch.

  I grew up on a farm north of Stony Plain Alberta.
I showed my first 4H beef calf more than 50 years ago, owned commercial cattle, and bred and raised purebred Angus cattle for the last 35 years. I have had a purebred, bull, and female seed stock production sale for eleven years. I have sold purebred cattle into six foreign countries. In addition to my full time employment, I raised purebred Angus cattle, and since retirement, ranching is my full time vocation.

I have been involved with horses all my life, we farmed the family farm with heavy horses, I rode horseback four miles each day to school. As a district Forest Ranger at Rock Lake, and Cabin Creek, I patrolled the Wilmore Wilderness Park, more commonly referred to as the “Mountain Trail”, using saddle horses and a string of packhorses. When I was the district Forest Ranger, at Medicine Lodge, in the Edson Forest Division, the backcountry bush work was done on horseback,
I rode bucking horses at amateur rodeos, and had an interest in a number of bucking horses.
I was instrumental in starting the Muskeg River Rodeo, and organized the first bucking horse and bull rodeo auction in northern Alberta.

I worked the cattle at our ranch at Niton Junction with my horses, and treated and moved cattle on most of the Provincial Grazing reserves in central and northern Alberta, using good big and stout Quarterhorses.

I purchased my first Quarterhorse stallion, “Tivio Bartender”, in 1964. I bought “Shooks Badlands”, as a yearling, and started showing him and a number of young horses at local shows, all breed futurities, and farm fairs. I cleaned up at most of these events. I showed Quarterhorses, on the AAQHA circuit, for two years, and both years the won high point Senior Stallion, and placed in the top ten with my mare.

I have extensive fire fighting experiences, and was fire boss in a number of large forest fires in Alberta from 1957 to 1964.

I was a regional manager of Central and Northern Alberta "Provincial Grazing Reserve Program", in excess of 26 years. Originally the program funded by both federal and provincial governments. Later, the Alberta Heritage and Savings Trust Fund funded capital development program.
This was a community pasture operation, to provide for the local farmers and ranchers, summer grazing for cattle and sheep, and winter grazing for horses. My responsibility, as a regional manager, involved planning, capital development, and the day-to-day operations.

Because of pressure placed on public land, the focus shifted from livestock grazing to a multiple use concept, which was exemplified by the Cooking Lake Blackfoot - Grazing - Wildlife - Provincial Recreation Area.
I was placed in charge to complete the planning, the development, and phase in the multi-use operations. The 24,000 acres of public land, on which we integrated multiple uses in a non-conflicting manner, is situated 15 minutes east of Edmonton, AB. It has received considerable attention by environmental groups, worldwide, the leading edge philosophy, initiated to satisfy numerous user groups and user concerns.
I designed and supervised the construction of the circular livestock corral systems for the Alberta Provincial Grazing Reserves.

I integrated the livestock assigned number ID system into this corral sorting system.
I designed and the ungulate fence that surrounds Blackfoot.

I have been involved with farming, ranching, trucking, fire fighting, heavy equipment, contracting, range development, range and livestock management, sales, and the show ring
I have a wealth of practical grass roots experience and have been exposed to a culture that many will only read about in history books.
If you need my consulting expertise, my prices are reasonable.

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