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My photo gallery.

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Ranch - cattle - horses - children - family.
My three boys, my two step sons, famil, and a few of my relatives.

1956 - 1957
After I completed high school, I drove a truck in the oil patch.

1957 - 1964.
District Forest Ranger, Rock Lake, Cabin Creek, & Medicine Lodge in the Edson Forest Division.

1964 – 1969
I was a working partner in a project to develop muskeg swampland into a working cattle ranch
at Niton Junction, AB.

1969 - 1995.
Regional Manager, Alberta Provincial Grazing Reserve, Public Lands Division, Government of Alberta. program.
Responsible to plan, develop and operate regions of the community pasture program.
The program’s objective was to provide affordable summer grazing for cattle and sheep,
and winter grazing for horses.
This optimum use, multi-use, concept provided the general public, and specifically Albertans access on vast areas of Alberta’s public land for recreation, and industrial use, in a non conflicting manner.
The prime use was grazing.
I was in charge of the Blackfoot Project - from the later planning stage, to the completion of development.
Blackfoot received worldwide recognition for the innovative concepts that was a workable arrangement that satisfied the requirements of the majority of users on one land base.

My Purebred black and red Angus cattle.
My Quarterhorses: stallion - mares - foals - some of my horses.
Cattle in my annual production sale.

Business associates and friends.
Photos of the ranch house, yard, garden, driveway - both summer and winter.

Ranch house, flowers, yard and garden.
My three boys

      MY mom, dad, brothers, sisters, relatives.
 My old photographs.

Black and red Angus cattle, bulls, cows, calves, and my production sale.

Production Sale
 Quarterhorses - Shooks Badlands - mares -  geldings - foals - shows.

Some of the good gorses that I have owned, shown and worked.

Deer frequently come onto the lawn throughout the year. There were 13 deer that I caught on film this early morning.
Black and red Angus bulls

FAQ female inventory 2005
Vic - Eagles Nest Pass Cabin - Willmore Wilderness Park.

This bear was creating damage to the cabins at Rock Lake in 1957.

The rock garden, flowers, water fall , and pool - a labour of love. Photos of black and red Angus bulls Vic with his pack horses on the Mountain Train 1957.

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