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This contract is agreed upon and entered into on this ____day of,_________20_____.

The Stallion owner hereinafter referred to as the Manager, will breed the mare (s),

for a fee of $350.00 each.

The mare's owner hereinafter referred to as the, Client, agrees to have the following
mare (s) bred to the above noted Stallion, and to pay the appropriate fees and costs.

Age: _________ .

Mare: ______________________________________ No: __________. Color: _______.

Sire of mare: ________________________________ No: __________.

Dam of mare: _______________________________ No: __________.

The Client agrees to pay a breeding fee of $350.00 for each mare serviced, as follows:
a. ____ A non refundable booking fee of $100.00, for each mare, plus GST.

b. ____ The balance, of $250,00, upon completion of the first service of the mare.

Mare care and other expenses are extra, and are payable, on or prior to removing the mare, from the Manager's premises, or every thirty 30) days, which ever occurs first.

The Client agrees to the following conditions and authorizes the Manager to have:

a. ____ The mare is to be de-wormed, or she was de-wormed on ____________________ .

b. ____ The mare to be inspected for breeding soundness.

c. ____ To obtain emergency vet care as may be required. The first vet to call is: ___________________________________________.

d. ____ The pick the mares up from: _____________________________________. Trailering costs are $1.00/k/m, one way, with a minimum charge of $30.00.

e. ____ The Client will deliver the mare to the Manager's premises on/or before,

f. ____ Failing to exercise the booking to the named mare or to an alternate approved mare shall result in the forfeiture of the booking fee.

g. ____ That the Manager will not be held responsible, for, injury, sickness, and/or disease, which may occur to the mare and/or foal.

h. ____ It is advisable that the Client carry insurance to cover any such occurrences.

i. ____ It is mutually agreed that should either injury/and/or death occur to either the stallion and/or
mare, resulting in the inability for either to breed on the scheduled first service, this agreement will terminate. The Manager will refund the booking fee within thirty (30) days if the stallion is unfit to breed.

j. ____ Failure to provide written Veterinarian documentation that the mare is incapable of being
bred, prior to the scheduled delivery of the mare, will result in forfeiture of the booking fee.

k. ____ The Manager agrees to exercise good judgment in the care of the Client's horses.

l.____ Each mare may be serviced up to three (3) times the first year, and if she fails to conceive, she
may be serviced once again the following year. Failing to notify the manager that the mare did not conceive, with in sixty (60) days after the mares last service date, will be considered, that the mare conceived.

m. ___ After the mare is serviced during a cycle there will be no refund of the breeding fees; however
upon written veterinarian proof, provided to the Manager within 60 days of the mare's first breeding, indicating that she did not conceive, died or is injured and unfit to be rebred, an alternate mare, may be serviced, in order to fulfill the remaining portion of the contract.

n. ___ A live foal is not guaranteed.

o. ___ Mare care mare costs are:
_____ Mare: $5.50/day .
_____ Mare and foal $6.50/day.
_____ Barn: $3.50, extra.

p. ___ The Manager charges for the day the mare comes in and the day she is picked up.

q. ___ Rations:
_____ Hay only.
_____ Hay & Oats.
_____Other (Agent supplies): _________________________________________.

r. ___ GST is applicable on breeding fees, mare care and other service charges.

s. ___ Inspection, and a copy of the mare's registration paper is required in order that the
Stallion service can be registered with the "AQHA".

t. ___ Stallion Service registrations to other breed Associations will be at the Client's expense.

u. ___ All accounts shall be settled immediately, and prior to picking up the mare (s). If the account is not settled within sixty (60) days, of being notified, by mail , personal contact or telephone, that the mare (s) is ready to be picked up, the mare (s) and /or foals will be offered for sale. The stallion services and mare care and all associated costs will be deducted from the sale proceeds, the remainder will be forwarded to the Agent, at the last known address. All accounts past 30 days will be charged interest, back to the date the Client was notified to pick the horse (s) up. Interest will be accessed on both the outstanding principal and accumulated interest.

v. ____ The Client may wish to enter the offspring into a futurity of their choosing, and or register the
offspring in other than the "AQHA". All nomination costs for both the Stallion and the offspring shall be the responsibility of he mare's owner. This includes blood typing, parentage testing, and completing the necessary paper work for the Manager's signature.

w. ____ The stallion owner may give a reduced breeding fee if discussed and agreed upon prior to the
mare(s) being serviced.

x. ____ A reduced breeding fee has been agreed upon, the new breeding fee is, $__________________.

y. ____ I have read and agree to the terms of this agreement.

Farm Name: __________________________________________. Phone No: ________________.
Address: ______________________________________________________

Client's Signature: ________________________________ . Date: ______20______.

Manager's Signature: ________________________________ .
Date: ______ 20______.

The Winner' Circle

Skip The Production ~ owned by Cathy McCloud, Nebraska

Sire: Shooks Badlands AQHA "Sox" ~~~ Dam: Wanisan Miss Tanzie
2002 World Finals
Youth World Champion ~ Hunter Under Saddle ~ (16 -18 yrs)

4th ~ Youth World Showmanship ~ (16 -18 yrs)
5th ~ Youth World Hunt seat Equitation ~ (16 -18 yrs)
10th ~ Youth World Western Equitation
~ (16 -18 yrs)

2001 U.S. Nationals:
Skip The Production (Owned by Cathy McCloud, Nebraska)
Sire: Shooks Badlands AQHA ~~~ Dam: Wanisan Miss Tanzie
1st Novice Non-Pro hunter Under Saddle
2nd Open Pleasure Driving
2nd Novice Non-Pro Huntseat Equitation
4th Non-Pro Pleasure Driving
8th Junior Hunter Under Saddle
8th 35 and over Non-Pro Showmanship
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